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About ID4Africa 2024

21-24 May 2024 | Conference
21-23 May 2024 | Exposition
Cape Town, South Africa


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The ID4Africa Annual General Meeting (AGM) stands as a one-of-a-kind event where the African identity and global ID4D community gather in person under one roof to jointly explore how digital identity and aligned services can advance socio-economic development in Africa.

The 2024 edition of this premier conference and expo is expected to attract over 2,000 attendees from 90+ countries, including representatives from 50+ African countries. It is built on a dynamic program, shaped by an ever-evolving annual theme, reflecting Africa’s identity priorities and the global ID4D agenda. What sets this program apart is its unique development process which spans over 10 months and is driven by crowd-sourced insights from highly credible authorities and practitioners in identity matters, which makes it very responsive to the African Continent needs at a granular level. The program is meticulously curated by the renowned authority on ID4D, our Executive Chairman–Dr. Joseph Atick, and is informed by extensive research, and dialogues with thought leaders and key players within the identity community.

The 2024 AGM Program is designed to deliver the following outcomes:


Share policies, best practices, and global standards for developing successful identification programs including civil registration, legal and digital identity.


Identify pathways for harmonization of practices and data across sectors, countries, and regions.


Highlight the various approaches for digital transformation including the emerging Digital Public Infrastructure anchored on digital identity.


Promote inclusive dialogue among stakeholders (government, civil society, development actors, and private sector) to address risks associated with digital identity systems and implement effective mitigation strategies.


Identify key success factors with emphasis on trust and inclusion (especially gender), user experience and lessons learned from responsible digital identity implementations including data protection and privacy.


Examine successful policies and the enabling legal and regulatory environment that have been proven to accelerate adoption and provide guardrails for safe implementations.



Explore strategies for maximizing impact of digital assets through enabling use cases that promote engagement with the population and empower individuals.



Examine innovations, both technological and in business processes, that hold the potential to be game changers for digital transformation and the adoption of digital identity across the Continent.


Cultivate dialogue and collaborations throughout the Conference Program and more specifically throughout the full day workshops.



Offer hands-on exposure to cutting-edge solutions through an exceptional world class exposition.


With these objectives driving our efforts across 4 core components — the Conference, Exposition, Workshops, and LiveCasts — the AGM serves as a vital platform for Africa to maintain a comprehensive and sustainable voice on identity issues. It achieves this by facilitating the transfer of knowledge that can be trusted and used, by fostering creative solution-building processes, promoting collaboration, and enabling networking opportunities centered around the ID4D agenda.

Since its inception in Tanzania in 2015, the ID4Africa AGM has consistently attracted significant and growing participation from government decision-makers, international development organizations, humanitarian agencies, civil society, NGOs, and solution providers. Without question, it stands as the foremost gathering for individuals and organizations involved in identity development, not only within Africa but also on a global scale.

Who Should Attend?

The ID4Africa AGM welcomes participation from all stakeholder groups. Our designed ensures that every delegate derives substantial value from attending the event.

Government Institutions

Identity Authorities

Civil / Population Registration

ICT / Digital Transformation Ministries

Finance / Planning/Budget

Immigration/ Asylum / Borders

Health Ministries / Insurance Schemes

Police / Driver Licensing Agencies

Data Protection & Privacy Commissions

Public Administration & Decentralization

Social Protection & Services

Electoral Commissions

Statistical Institutes

President/VP/PM’s Office

Justice/Regulatory/Legal & Human Rights

Foreign Affairs Ministries

Members of Parliament

Intergovernmental/Inter-African Organization


International Development & Humanitarian Agencies

Representatives from:

International Development Organizations

UN Agencies

Regional & International Humanitarian Organizations

Solutions Providers & Domain Experts

Leading providers of solutions for identity management in the public and private sector, including:

System integrators

International & Regional Technology and System Providers

Value-added resellers

Suppliers of identity consumables and identity documents

Registration and enrollment service providers

Consulting firms

Subject matter experts

Civil Society, NGOs & Others

Civil Society





Why Attend?

This is the most important event for ID4D worldwide and represents the foremost gathering focused on identity-related matters in Africa. It provides an unparalleled opportunity for the identity community to be kept abreast of latest advancements, policies, recommendations, innovations and more. The AGM delivers a distinct value-add and enriching experience for all participants who join with the objective to engage in group dialogue, networking, collaboration, problem-solving and defining their identity priorities going forward.



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