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21-24 mai 2024 I Le Cap, Afrique du Sud


The World Privacy Forum (WPF) is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to research, analysis, and consumer education in data privacy and governance. As a pioneer in the field, WPF conducts independent, longitudinal research on pressing issues, including predictive analytics, health privacy, data brokers, and large-scale digital data flows, among others. With a focus on complex data ecosystems, WPF addresses key areas such as healthcare, AI, identity ecosystems, finance, and vulnerable populations. Established in 2003, WPF collaborates nationally and internationally, chairing international working groups at organizations like WHO, UN, and OECD. Through its efforts, WPF aims to advance data governance and protection while fostering collaboration among non-profits. is the premier source for breaking news, analysis, and research on the global biometrics market. Through our web platform and daily newsletter, we deliver comprehensive coverage of biometric and digital identity technology, including fingerprint, voice, iris, and facial recognition, as well as emerging technologies like DNA analysis and gait recognition. Our content spans industry perspectives, interviews, and features on various modalities and methods, addressing applications such as national security, mobile identity, and border control, with special emphasis on UN SDG 16.9 to provide universal legal identification.

The Silicon Trust is dedicated to promoting hardware-based secured solutions in the evolving digital society. Their mission involves uniting leading players and partners across public, private, and financial sectors, identifying cutting-edge projects and trends, and facilitating advantageous partnerships. Additionally, they strive to cultivate relationships with key decision-makers such as governments, financial institutions, and transportation companies through marketing initiatives, educational events, and liaison meetings. Ultimately, the organization aims to raise awareness and foster collaboration to address the growing need for secure solutions in today’s digital landscape.

Research ICT Africa (RIA) is an African think tank that has operated for over a decade to fill a strategic gap in the development of a sustainable information society and digital economy. It has done so by building the multidisciplinary research capacity needed to inform evidence-based policy and effective regulation Africa. RIA’s dynamic and evolving research agenda examines the uneven distribution of the benefits and harms of the intensifying global processes of digitalisation and datafication.

On this basis, we seek to provide alternative policy and regulatory strategies that produce different outcomes that will address digital inequality in Africa and enable data justice. Through rigorous research and analysis RIA seeks to build an African knowledge base in support of digital equality and data justice, and to monitor and review developments on the continent.

The Secure Identity Alliance (SIA) is a global non-profit association dedicated to supporting sustainable, trusted digital identities for all. SIA works to promote the adoption of secure identity technologies and solutions worldwide, focusing on areas such as digital identity, biometrics, and electronic documents. The alliance brings together industry stakeholders, governments, and international organizations to collaborate on initiatives aimed at enhancing security, privacy, and convenience in identity systems. SIA provides thought leadership, advocacy, and best practice guidance to help address challenges related to identity fraud, privacy concerns, and digital inclusion. Overall, SIA plays a crucial role in advancing secure and trusted digital identity ecosystems to benefit individuals, organizations, and societies worldwide.

APSCA is an independent industry association for identity and payments, established in 1997. The Association has offices in Malaysia, China and India, and operates across the Asian region. Over the last 25 years, APSCA has organized over 200 industry conferences, forums, workshops and exhibitions in over 15 countries across Asia-Pacific, South Asia, the Gulf and Africa. Together with the Identity Council, APSCA is also the co-founder of ID4Africa.

As the leading industry association for identity and payments in the Asian region, APSCA has a 25-year track record of connecting and engaging with key decision-makers, to explore and discuss important business and technology issues for identity and payments systems. The Association now has over 30 members in Asia Pacific, Greater China, South Asia and Europe.

ID & Secure Document News™ monitors the news and analyses the significant developments in personal identification and authentication – whether mobile, online or in-person. The publication covers the latest in government-issued identification documents, border management, digital identity, health status proofs …. in fact, any situation when linking to an identity is needed to execute a transaction.

Reconnaissance International (RI), publisher of ID & Secure Document News™, also publishes a range of other newsletters covering cash and payments, fiscal stamps, authentication and holography, along with a range of security print related special reports and supplier directories.