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ID4Africa 2023

23-25 May 2023 I Nairobi, Kenya

Digital Identity as Public Infrastructure

The AUGMENTED General Meeting (AGM) at ID4Africa 2023 will continue to be a more impactful way of conferencing. And no, this is not a hybrid event.

It is an innovative way of leveraging the power of two media – our physical and virtual platforms – to unite the entire community around the theme Digital Identity as Public Infrastructure.

The AGM continues to be the only international ID4D-focused conference & expo in Africa that successfully convenes, under one roof, the largest and most significant representation of key and leading identity stakeholders from across the continent and the rest of the world.

This is the future of conferencing!

The AGM will be structured as a physical meeting held over 3 days in Nairobi, Kenya, followed by a virtual assembly gathering the wider international audience through our LiveCasts June 7 & 21.

In short, ID4Africa 2023 will open as a physical event and close as a virtual event!  Click here for schedule




ID4Africa 2023: The Augmented General Meeting (AGM) returns once again richer, better, and more dynamic than before with a fresh and innovative approach to addressing Identity matters in Africa. The conference will be spread across 5 days (3 days physical & 2 virtual as LiveCasts). The physical meeting held at the modern new Edge Convention Centre in Nairobi will feature an exceptional, world-class conference and expo bringing together about 1500 (expected) regional and international experts and practitioners dedicated to identity development.

The physical meeting is augmented by 6 LiveCasts, 4 of which will be simulcast as Plenaries on Days 1 & 2 of the conference, which lead into June (7th & 21st) where we will highlight major takeaways from the plenaries, along with outcomes and recommendations of the Day 3 workshops.

The theme is:

“Digital Identity as Public Infrastructure”


The theme “Digital Identity as Public Infrastructure” supports our objective to share best practices for advancing identity ecosystems in Africa to the next phase beyond registration and credentialing of unique identities, which have dominated identity developments over the last decade. The dialogue will spotlight policies to enhance user-retention and improve the sustainability of ID schemes through enabling priority and high impact use cases and is informed by the experiences of a dozen advancing programs on the Continent. We will also learn from successful implementations of digital ID from several countries outside Africa who have managed to achieve total coverage of their entire population by creating the right incentives that render their id systems useful and desirable.

While the agenda is responsive to immediate needs – such as identity verification for service delivery – it is also forward-looking and illustrates future pathways for reinvigorating ID4D through the development of public infrastructure such as the stacks for digital transformation of government and society.

The 2023 AGM Program was developed in conjunction with our ongoing knowledge sharing platform – the ID4Africa LiveCasts – and is complemented by the content of the recent LiveCasts leading up to it


The AGM conference consists of 2 days of multi-segment plenary sessions—PS1, to PS4 and a third full day featuring 4 major workshops. All plenaries will be simulcast as LiveCasts direct from the event stage, with two additional LiveCasts in June to summarize the results and recommendations of all the major activities at the physical portion of the AGM, particularly the Workshops. In addition, a Technology Expo and Hackathon cojoined with the conference will be held consecutively on days 1 to 3.


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MAY25, 2023

The objective of the workshops at ID4Africa 2023 is to provide delegates with an opportunity to engage in impactful discussions, brainstorming activities, and ideological networking through meaningful and focused dialogue around leading issues in the context of 4 highly specialized workshops held on Day 3 of the AGM. The outcomes, recommendations and summations will be presented during two LiveCast episodes held on June 7 and 21.

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Below is a physical layout of a typical workshop. It identifies three categories of participants: Working Group Leaders; Contributors; and Observers.

Working Group leaders are chosen in advance in consultation with the chairing organization. They comprise of the workshop Chairperson, Discussants and Rapporteurs.  

Contributors  are those who have undergone merit-based selection from an application process and are selected as professionals who have subject matter expertise, experience, and display a willingness to contribute to the dialogue. These professionals include representatives from African government, development agencies, civil society, NGOs, NFP organizations and industry. Each member will form a core group seated at the roundtable with privilege to speak and contribute to the discussions.  

Observers  are non-contributing participants who will be seated theatre style in the Observer Gallery. This is a “Listening Only” role open to all AGM attendees and is subject to seating availability (first-come-first-served). Workshops 1 & 3 can seat up to 100 observers, while Workshops 2 & 4 can seat only up to 80 observers.


The Exposition at ID4Africa 2023 features over 100 leading solution providers and technology innovators from around the world. It will also feature something we have never done before. The expo will host the worlds’ VERY FIRST CRVS Hackathon embedded within a special area of the exposition floor. The Hackathon, coordinated in collaboration with OpenCRVS, will allow government delegates to experiment with developing their own civil registration solutions on site, based on open-source, and to link them to ID solutions through open standards.


The 2023 AGM Program will aim to achieve the following 6 outcomes:

  1. Share best practices for advancing identity programs in Africa to the next phase beyond registration and credentialing of unique identities. The dialogue spotlights policies to boost registration towards total coverage, enhance user-retention and improve the sustainability of ID schemes through enabling priority use cases, and is informed by the experiences of at least a dozen advancing programs on the Continent.
  2. Identify success factors. The focus is on the user experience as a primary driver in the design of identity systems. Lessons learned from successful implementations of digital ID, such as Aadhaar, guide the conversation.
  3. Explore ways for stakeholders to collaborate to develop Digital Public Infrastructure in support of the digitalization of public and private services. The roles of the different stakeholders, including the private sector, and their contributions to the development and sustainability of these shared assets are examined.
  4. Examine innovations that make digital transformation and identity even more impactful. These are proven advances from developed economies, that could be adopted to strengthen the ID4D agenda.
  5. Stimulate dialogue and collaborations throughout the program, and more specifically through 4 workshops on day 3.
  6. Provide hands-on exposures to cutting-edge solutions through a world-class exposition and a hackathon. The exposition features innovations from over 100 leading international providers. While the hackathon allows delegates to develop their own civil registration solutions on site, based on open source, and to link them to ID solutions through open standards.

If the AGM Program does not load immediately, please refresh your browser

To view the program in English or French, please select the “Category” option below.

Dr. Joseph J. ATICK


H.E. DR. William Ruto, C.H.G

The Republic of Kenya

Prof. Kithure Kindiki

Ministry of Interior and Administration of National Government, The Republic of Kenya

Amb. Prof. Julius Bitok

State Department for Citizen Services, Ministry of Interior and National Administration, The Republic of Kenya

Hon. Eliud Owalo

Ministry of Information and Communications, The Republic of Kenya

Hon. Dr. Retšelisitsoe Matlanyane

Minister of Finance and Development Planning Ministry of Finance, The Kingdom of Lesotho

Prof. Kenneth A. Attafuah

National Identification Authority (NIA), Ghana

Mouhcine Yejjou

Morocco eID Project

Engr. Aliyu AZIZ

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigeria

Tariq Malik

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) Pakistan

Rosemary Kisembo

National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA), and ID4Africa Ambassador, Uganda

Teguh Setyabudi

Population and Civil Registration (Dukcapil), Ministry of Home Affairs, Indonesia


DigiFi Africa, Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL)

Yiannis Theodorou

Digital ID, Tony Blair Institute

Ismail Hassan Rumatila

National Identification Authority (NIDA), Tanzania

Josephine J. Temba

Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF)

Mohamed Mubashir Massaquoi

NRCA, Sierra Leone, and ID4Africa Ambassador

Philip Bangura

Central Bank of Sierra Leone

Fanie Sethokga

Grants Operations, South African Social Security Agency (SASSA), South Africa

Dr. Lydia Dsane-Selby

National Health Insurance Authority, Ghana

Gail Hodges

OpenID Foundation

Didier Trutt

Secure Identity Alliance (SIA)

Yann Haguet

IN Groupe

Rahul Parthe


Colin Howell

HID Global

Marc-Julian Siewert


Jan Lunter


Nathalie Kienga

Office of the President, and ID4Africa Ambassador, DR Congo

Aimé Martial Massamba

ANINF and IBOGA Project

Sébastien Guérémy


Suresh Sethi

Protean eGov Technologies Limited

Mark Sullivan

Canadian Bank Note

Jeremy Springall


Sean Zheng


Uchenna Chigbo

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigeria

Al Shiferaw

National ID Program, Ethiopia.

Mina Awol Abdo

National ID Program, Ethiopia

Dr. Jean Aholou

WURI Benin

Mariel Attonde

WURI Benin

Sanjeev Yadav

UIDAI, India

Dr. Pramod Varma

EkStep Foundation, Aadhaar & India Stack, Beckn Protocol

Christin Schulz-Kaunga

Digital Governance Component for GIZ Digital Transformation Center, Kenya

Jonathan Marskell

ID4D, The World Bank

Debora Comparin

Secure Identity Alliance (SIA)

Ramesh Narayanan

Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP)

Chahine Hamila


Hadiza Ali-Dagabana

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigeria

Michala Mackay

DSTI, Sierra Leone and Board Member, DPGA

Julia Clark

The World Bank

Marie Eichholtzer

The World Bank

Fiona Asonga


Mustafa Mahmoud


Akhmad Sudirman Tavipiyono

Ministry of Home Affairs, Indonesia

Sanjay Dharwadker

DSTI, Sierra Leone and Board Member, DPGA

Haingotiana Rasitefanoelina

Ministry of Interior and Decentralization, Madagascar

Mbawaka Mwakhwawa

National Registration Bureau (NRB), Malawi

Yodahe Zemichael

National ID Program, Ethiopia

Devendre Gopaul

Prime Minister’s Office, Mauritius

Tulimeke Munyika

Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security (MHAISS), Namibia

Abdullahi Hussein

National Identification and Registration Authority, and ID4Africa Ambassador, Somalia

Josephine Mukesha

Ministry of Interior and Decentralization, Madagascar

Pam Dixon

World Privacy Forum

Sumedha Deshmukh

Cambridge University

Fui Meng Liew


Edward Duffus


Abdullahi Hussein


Bhaskar Mishra


Oliver Chinganya


Aliou Ousmane Sall

Ministry of Territorial Communities, Development and Regional Planning, and ID4Africa Ambassador, Senegal

Alexandre Marie Yomo

BUNEC, Cameroon

Mphatso A. Sambo

National Registration Bureau (NRB), and ID4Africa Ambassador, Malawi

Dr. Abdoulaye Alkadi

Civil Status, National Directorate of Civil Status, and ID4Africa Ambassador, Mali

Lamin Fatty

Births and Deaths, Ministry of Health, and ID4Africa Ambassador, The Gambia

Russel Nxumalo

Department of Civil Registration and National Identity, Ministry of Home Affairs, Eswatini

Abdon Marius Mikpon’aï

Directorate of Civil Registration, Ministry of Interior and Public Security, and ID4Africa Ambassador, Benin

Justin Omer Balima

Directorate General for the Modernization of Civil Status, Burkina Faso

Josias Taradoum

Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Good Governance, and ID4Africa Ambassador, Chad

Hon Nasir Isa Kwarra

National Population Commission, Nigeria

Ago Christian KODIA

National Agency for Civil Registration and Identity (ONECI), Côte d’Ivoire

João Paulo Montes

UNECA/Ministry of Justice, Angola

José Alves Té

General Directorate of Civil Identification, Guinea Bissau

Djenabou Touré-Camara

Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, and ID4Africa Ambassador, Guinea

Juvenal Pereira

National Civil Identification and Authentication System, and ID4Africa Ambassador, Cape Verde

Togbe Agbagla

Togo Digital Agency, and ID4Africa Deputy Ambassador, Togo

Immaculate Kassait

Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, Kenya

Stella Alibateese

National Information Technology Authority (NITA), Uganda

Marguerite Ouedraogo Bonane

Commission for Data Protection and Liberties, Burkina Faso

Namongo Coulibaly

Directorate of Personal Data Protection (ARTCI), Côte d’Ivoire

Moussa Seyni Gado

High Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, Niger

Mamoudou Niane

Personal Data Protection Authority, Senegal

Edwin Nii Nortei Amarte

Registration and Licensing, Data Protection Commission, Ghana

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The ID4Africa Movement will hold the physical gathering of its 2023 Augmented General Meeting at the Edge Convention Centre, College of Insurance, Nairobi, Kenya on 23-25 May 2023.

The Edge Convention Centre is located about 30 minutes from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

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ID4Africa is pleased to be collaborating with Ethiopian Airlines (ET) as the official airline partners for ID4Africa 2023.

ET will provide 15% discount on Business class fares and 12% discount on Economy class fares to all participants departing from any ET online city to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (IATA: NBO). This discount does not apply on promotional fares. These airfares will only be applicable from 15 May 2023 until 05 Jun 2023.

Please note that there are limited daily flights to Nairobi. We encourage that you select flights which provide longer transit periods (e.g. 2-3 hours) between your connecting flight(s) so as to reduce the chance of missing your connection. There is a high risk that no flight options will be available for later flights on the same day, or the day after, if you miss your connecting flight.

Selecting Flights

Visit the ET website: (or and enter Promo Code: IDF23) to receive the discounted rate on fares.


Edge Convention Centre, College of Insurance,
Red Cross Road, South C,
Nairobi, Kenya


For those driving to the event, adequate free parking is available at the venue.

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Anste Tours & Travel Limited
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Emara Ole-Sereni

15 to 20 mins from the airport by taxi using the express highway. Less than 3 mins drive to the Edge Conference Centre (venue).
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2.5.4 Ole-Sereni

20 mins from the airport by taxi using the express highway. 10 mins drive to the Edge Conference Centre (venue)


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