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BIOMETRIC UPDATE‬‪ is a leading news property that publishes breaking news, analysis, and research about the global biometrics and digital identity market. We place special emphasis on national security, privacy and regulatory issues, along with examining the latest industrial, ‬commercial and residential applications for biometric technology. As the official journalist of ID4Africa, we also provide specialized coverage of global efforts to establish legal identification for all as a sustainable development goal. Manufacturers, service providers, governments, law enforcement agencies and large corporate buyers benefit from our competitive industry intelligence on market size, multiple industry segments, venture capital and other business opportunities, along with in-depth profiles on the best emerging products and solutions. is published by the Biometrics Research Group, a market research supplier and consultancy to the biometric industry.‬‬

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FindBiometrics is your leading industry resource for all information on biometrics identification and identity verification systems and solutions. We have the latest daily news from the global biometric and identity management business community, a comprehensive vendor list, informative articles, interviews with industry leaders, exclusive videos, links to biometric associations and a calendar of the most important current industry news events and conferences. For more than a decade we have brought you the top industry news, answering all of your questions, and have remained an integral player in the biometrics community. Now, here in the industry's most rapid growth period, we are here to keep you more connected, knowledgeable, and up-to-date on the latest identity management news than ever before.

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Mobile ID World is here to bring you the latest on mobile authentication solutions and application providers. Our company is dedicated to providing users with the best content and cutting edge information on technology, news, and mobile solutions for your mobile identity management needs. From the same minds that brought you FindBiometrics, Mobile ID World is committed to bringing you the best information, in a quick, contextual, and comprehensive way. Mobile ID World is your authorized go-to source for everything in strong mobile authentication. This includes: M2M, NFC, access control, biometrics enabled smartphones and anything that promises to make life more convenient and secure.

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The Silicon Trust is a well-established marketing program for smart card solutions with high visibility in the worldwide government and identification, system-on-card and payment markets. It was set up in the year 2000 as a key partner platform for international companies aiming at promoting the use of silicon-based security in a broad variety of applications. With more than 30 companies along the value chain, the Silicon Trust works to be the major voice in both public and private sectors in promoting the need for hardware-based security (in conjunction with software-based security) to deliver trust within the new ‘Digital Society’.

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‪Women in Identity is a not-for-profit enterprise run by volunteers to champion diversity and inclusion in our sector. Our membership extends across the globe, representing all genders and none, all races, ages, abilities and backgrounds. Our common purpose is to create a more diverse workforce across the industry, ensuring that identity solutions built FOR everyone will be built BY everyone. Working with partners, sponsors and other industry bodies, we will strive to reduce the bias inherent in current identity products, making them truly representative of the markets they intend to serve.


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